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Claydon High School

General Letters and Information

To access copies of letters sent home to students in each specific year group, please click on the appropriate year group tabs to the right of this page. General information is posted below. Older letters are archived at the bottom of the page.

Autumn Term 2020

Letter from Headteacher 211020

SCC Coronavirus symptom letter and flowchart 01/10/2020

Ski Trip 2021 Update

Student Absence

Food Tech Ingredients Bags

Updated Covid Guidance

Learning Resource Centre

Covid-19 Symptoms and Testing

PTA Letter


Letter from Headteacher 090920

Parent Pack

School Census Information

Home/School Agreement

Using Images of Children

ICT Charter

Megabites Lunch Menu - Autumn 2020

Exceptional Leave of Absence Form

Nut Allergies

Free School Meals information and how to apply - click here



Safeguarding and Wellbeing Confidential abuse support for young people (13+) in Suffolk

Safeguarding and Wellbeing letter - Covid 19

Mental Health Resources - Covid 19

Gangs and County Lines 

E-Safety and Emotional Wellbeing

TikTok parent/carer guide - internet safety

Roblox parent/carer guide - internet safety


Archived Letters


Letter from the Headteacher - September 2020 welcome back

Year 7 - Welcome to the start of term

Year 8 - Welcome to the start of term

Year 9 - Welcome to the start of term

Year 10 - Welcome to the start of term

Year 11 - Welcome to the start of term


Summer Term 2020

Online End of Year Assembly - Years 6-10

Letter from the Headteacher re: September 2020 return

Immunisation programme update

Year 11 prom rescheduled letter


Virtual Praise Assemblies

Year 7 Praise Assembly

Year 8 Praise Assembly

Year 9 Praise Assembly

Year 10 Praise Assembly


Head of Year Bulletins

The Webb Weekly 26/3/20      The Davies' Mail  26/3/20       Martin's Mail  26/3/20

The Webb Weekly 08/04/20   The Davies' Mail 08/04/20     Martin's Mail 08/04/20

The Webb Weekly 24/04/20    The Davies' Mail 24/04/20     Martin's Mail 24/04/20

The Webb Weekly 07/05/20   The Davies" Mail 07/05/20      Martin's Mail 07/05/20

The Webb Weekly 21/05/20   The Davies' Mail 21/05/20       Martin's Mail 21/05/20

The Webb Weekly 12/06/20   The Davies' Mail 12/06/20       Martin's Mail 12/06/20

The Webb Weekly 30/06/20   The Davies' Mail 30/06/20       Martin's Mail 30/06/20

The Webb Weekly 16/07/20     The Davies' Mail 16/07/20


Year 9 Options Information 2020

Options Letter

Options Evening Presentation Video

Options Evening Booklet

Options Application Form

Events Management Information


Year 6 Poetry Competition

'The Voice' Music Competition Winners

Science 'Wall of Wonder' June 2020

Science 'Wall of Wonder' May 2020' 

'The Voice' Music Challenge

Claydon's 'Book of Hope' challenge information

Easter cake competition photographs

War time recipe booklet


Years 7-10 Letter from the Headteacher - July's Work

Years 7 - 10 Letter from the Headteacher - 24/06/2020

Y10 Senior Prefect applications - letter for parents/carers

Y10 Senior Prefect applications - letter for students

Year 11 Planning for the future letter - 19/06/2020

Y11 Careers News Update

Free school meals - parent/carer FAQs

Years 7-9 - Letter from the Headteacher - 12/06/2020

Year 10 - Letter from the Headteacher - 08/06/2020

Student guidance for Year 10

Year 10 - Letter from the Headteacher - 02/06/2020

Letter from the Headteacher - 25/05/2020

Years 7, 8 and 9 - Letter from the Headteacher - 19/05/2020

Year 10 - Letter from the Headteacher - 19/05/2020

Click for the Year 10 return to school survey link 

Year 11 - Letter from the Headteacher - 19/05/2020

Message from the Headteacher re: phased reopening - 14/05/2020  

Letter from Mrs Skinner, CEO of the SSLT re: phased reopening - 14/05/2020

Letter from the Headteacher 30/04/2020

Easter letter from the Headteacher 

School provision for children of critical workers during the Easter holidays

Information for parents/carers of students in receipt of free school meals

COVID-19 school provision

Headteacher Update 24/03/20 Y7-10

Headteacher Update 24/03/20 Y11

Non attending school students letter

Attending keyworker and vulnerable students letter